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Life is simpler with Jalsaa Analytics. Stop wasting your time with bloated dashboards and start focusing on the stats that matter.



150,000 page views per month
Track one website

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200,000 page views per month
Track three websites

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400,000 page views per month
Track five websites

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Note: if you use our "Goals" function, then each goal counts towards your total page views per month.

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Micro @ $492/year Up to 150,000 total page views per month for one site Get started
Starter @ $1008/year Up to 200,000 total page views per month across three sites Get started
Startup @ $2028/year Up to 400,000 total page views per month across five sites Get started
Contact us Over a million total page views per month across unlimited sites. Let's talk pricing

Standard on every plan

We take care of up-time, maintenance, security, support, and host your tracker on our world-wide CDN to ensure our code snippet loads quickly, no matter where your visitors are coming from.

If you go over your page views, we will never suspend or close your account, or stop tracking your website. Instead, we look at a 2 month rolling average (where you greatly exceed your plan both months) and email you when we’re upgrading your plan, based on consistent overages, not just occasional traffic spikes.

No long-term contracts, cancel anytime.

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